SHIRO is one of the fastest growing cosmetics and skincare brands in Japan. SHIRO is renowned for the quality of their ingredients and their commitment to their consumers.

The challenge

Consumer interest in SHIRO has been growing both in Japan and internationally, leading SHIRO to expand operations in overseas markets.

Shortly after SHIRO launched its e-commerce store in the UK, they quickly realized that the site’s performance could be better optimized for business and customer objectives.

The solution

Brand aligned – User centric experience ecommerce design

After extensive review and research, we saw that to drive sales in the UK we needed to build a better consumer understanding of not just the products, but of the brand values – as brand values play a bigger role in sales conversion in the UK than in Japan.

We redesigned the e-commerce site to lower the barrier to purchase by pulling consumers deeper into the experience from the first view. Within the website, the information hierarchy was rebuilt with a values-first focus and the new experience was supported by visuals and content. This showcased SHIRO’s bold signature style and added a sensual dimension to the experience.

Pathways to finding the right product were simplified by configuring 3 intuitive product filters — best sellers, product ingredients and skin concerns — to lower the barrier to the user’s purchase experience.

The result

The redesigned UK site, deployed in a matter of months, delivered a brand-immersive commerce experience that exceeded the SHIRO’s objectives. The successful vision and performance of the UK site became SHIRO’s new standard across all global sites, and led to relativ* supporting their site experience in the USA and Japan.