resonance = relationships = revenue.

Customers today have more options, more information and more individualized perspectives than ever before. Context, culture, and brand commitments are as likely to drive sales as price, place and product promotions.

Successful brands today are more relevant, more resonant, relationship driven brands.

Relevancy is kinetic, it moves a business forward, and it occurs when it is clear to the customer how the product or brand contributes to the either customer’s tangible or cultural expectations.

Getting there, means going deeper.

That is why we work to: understand our clients business goals and requirements; analyze their customers’ profiles, needs and aspirations; and then we design a business driving customer experience.

our culture

We are an agency. That means, our culture, our value starts with people. Our people (the team), your people (the clients), the people (the customers). We ideate the future and apply that against our client problems of today. Respect, responsibility and results anchor our actions.

We are an agency. And that also means at our highest calling we represent others. We represent our clients to customers. And we represent customers to our clients.

our values


The reason we exist is help our clients’ businesses win. Winning businesses tend to serve their customers better than the competition. To find customer opportunities we apply human relationship values to everything we do – and the most important value is to CARE. CARE is :

  • To be Concerned. identifying an issue that concerns you that you think can and should be addressed.
  • To Act. To care you must do something about concerns
  • To be Responsible. Caring means you accept ownership and accountability for positively addressing the problem.
  • To strive for Excellence. You have a vision of what “better” should be and you act and take responsibility to truly deliver the vision.1

Caring fuels innovation and value creation. We care about our clients and community.

our services

Business and customer needs at the core of everything we do.

Quantitative and qualitative research design and analysis,  behavioral profiling, Competitive / Business benchmarking, Insights and opportunity discovery.

Workshop design / leadership & facilitation, Customer acquisition planning, loyalty & retention planning and program design. Touchpoint planning, Omni-channel marketing and performance strategy.

Statistical modeling, ML/AI models, NLP Models, customer behavior pattern identification, segmentation, trend analysis, contribution analyses. Data architecture consulting, BI reporting design

User research & testing, user journey mapping, prototyping, service blueprint creation,, visualization & interface design.

Campaign and concept design and production, Social media planning and implementation, brand & tone of voice development, digital media planning and management, creative

Kinectivity: The Relationship Theory

We believe depth is the new growth or in other words we believe that better, stronger customer connection = better business returns.
And while what we believe is important, we understand to our clients that facts are more compelling than faith. Kinectivity is our trademark research tool that allows our clients to diagnoses what type of connection your customer has with your brand.
Specifically – Kinectivity allows brands to:

  • quantify / forecast the relationship strength / risks relative to the competition.
  • understand why – what factors are driving connection.
  • develop media and cx strategies based on competitor vulnerabilities.
  • develop marketing / messaging based on strong ties or weak ties relationships.

Kinectivity is the combination of three words “Kin representing family” / Kinetic representing energy / and Connectivity representing bond.
We’ve tracked Kinectivity scores for the past 5 years with 100+ brands and have seen that relative gains in Kinectivity lead to relative gains in business performance.

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our network

Worldwide Partners Logo

relativ* is a share holding member of Worldwide Partners giving us the ability to support clients around the the world.

Worldwide Partners, Inc. (WPI) is comprised of over 75 independent agencies located in more than 40 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. Worldwide Partners offers brand marketers a customized, multinational service platform built to ensure the effective implementation of global marketing principles within a local market context to optimize marketing efficiency and to maximize business return.

WPI operates as a reverse holding company, where a portfolio of the world’s premier independent agencies owns the network and sets its direction.


Delivering business value through the cultivation of stronger consumer connection.

Consistent marketplace recognition.

Recognized by Campaign Asia in the below categories.

  • Japan / Korea Independent Agency of the Year in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022
  • Consultancy of the Year in 2020 Customer Engagement Agency of the Year 2022

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