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Cardif Japan is the insurance division of the esteemed French-based global financial firm BNP Paribas. Cardif Japan has been providing insurance products combined with financial services since April 2000. 

The Challenge

Cardif’s challenge was that a majority of its clients were unaware about its services. New homeowners were customarily enrolled when signing a group credit life insurance con-tract alongside mortgage loans at the bank.  

The routine nature of the enrollment made customers uncertain about Cardif’s insurance product. To close this knowledge gap and to grow their business, Cardif required a digital communication platform with a clear message. 

Our contributions

Marketing Solutions
Data Research & Analysis
UX & UI Design
Design Systems




The solution

Redesign a user portal that drives effective customer loyalty




Research revealed that customers thought the 
brand felt ‘cold,’ closed’ and ‘distant’. Our approach was to revamp one of the most important web experiences area — their My Page — to have an 
‘Open House’ concept. The ‘My Cardif’ portal would provide an open and friendly experience so that customers would feel a direct connection to Cardif. 

After conducting a review and assessment of usability gaps, we developed a new UX strategy and UI design 
for the new platform that allowed customers to gain information about their insurance coverage in a clear and comprehensible way.  

We developed and evaluated a set of user journeys 
and proposed a robust information architecture so 
that benefits and plans could be laid out with creative visual narratives.  

Finally, we also designed user interface elements to facilitate streamlined navigation. The new design was validated via research before launch.



The result

My Cardif launched with positive feedback regarding the new platform. Our expertise in user experience design, information architecture and interface design allowed customers to navigate the platform with improved usability.  


Survey participants proclaimed their digital experience was “easy to comprehend” and “maintained visual interest.” We were able to improve Cardif Japan’s digital experience to drive consumer satisfaction and loyalty.